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What are the next steps?


Lodge your insurance claim with your Insurance Company


Your Insurance provider has contacted AJ Grant Building to assess your property regarding your insurance claim


AJ Grant Building may be able to assist you in making your property safe to help mitigate further loss.

This may include attendance by qualified trades to make safe your property or attendance by our restoration’s technicians to assist with items such as emergency water extractions, installation of drying equipment, fire & smoke services, and mould remediation. 

If you are the owner occupier and the property is not habitable, you could be entitled to temporary accommodation depending on the policy type you hold. Please contact AJ Grant Building so we can discuss your options with you.

If you require assistance for any of the above, please contact

AJ Grant Building
1300 254 726


Our friendly bookings team have arranged, or will be arranging shortly, a suitable time for one of our experienced Assessors to assess and report on the damages to your property.

For damages to your property, our Building Assessor will either attend the property or conduct the assessment via video to prepare a detailed scope of works, outlining the required repairs. We will submit this to your insurance company along with an assessment report on the cause of damage.

For damages to your content’s items, a Restoration Technician will attend the property to prepare a detailed report, including taking photos of damaged items, moisture readings and compile an inventory list. They may also install drying equipment if required.


Your insurance provider will review the assessment report and scope of works submitted by the AJ Grant Building team and advise how AJ Grant Building are to progress your claim. 

Upon approval of your repairs, AJ Grant Building will issue you with a copy of the,

•  authorised scope of works
•  domestic building contract (if required)
•  details on how you can pay your policy excess.  

Any maintenance works identified at time of assessment, will need to be completed prior to the insurance repairs commencing.  For further information on the definitions of maintenance works, please see below. 

AJ Grant Building may identify some required maintenance during your onsite inspection.  To upkeep your property and prevent further damage, we will give you a report highlighting both contributing and non-contributing maintenance repairs that require rectifying prior to insurable works being completed. 

Maintenance may be identified as either:

Contributing maintenance? 
Any defect that has directly contributed to the damages that the policy holder is claiming for. These are to be completed prior to the insurance works commencing, arranged by the policy holder and completed by a qualified trade.  

Non-contributing maintenance? 
Any defect found that can cause damage to the property in the future that has not contributed to the damages that the policy holder is claiming for. It is a recommendation of AJ Grant for the policy holder to have these issues rectified before potential damages occur to the property.

If ‘contributing maintenance’ has been identified, this will need to be completed by a qualified trade prior to insurance related works commencing.

If you require assistance for any of the above, please contact

AJ Grant Building
1300 254 726

Building Contracts | Home Owner Warranty Insurance (HOW) 

We will provide you with a copy of the scope of works, describing the repairs authorised by your insurance company to take place at your property.  

Please review, sign and return to AJ Grant Building.

Depending on the State or Territory you reside, the relevant Act (VIC, Domestic Building Contracts Act 1995 – NSW, Home Building Act 1989 – WA, Home Building Contracts Act 1991 – SA, Building Work Contractors Act 1995 – QLD, Queensland Building and Construction Act 1991 – ACT, Building Act 2004)  requires AJ Grant Building to enter into a domestic or residential building contract with you to repair your home, including the repairs under your insurance policy.  This is because the domestic or residential building contract can only be entered between a registered builder, AJ Grant Building, and a homeowner, you, and not an insurance company.

It is important to note, your insurance company will pay AJ Grant Building to complete the insurance repairs on your home under your insurance policy, including any approved variations to the scope of works. 

Please review, sign and return to AJ Grant Building.

Home Warranty Insurance is required for residential building repairs over a particular value, which varies depending on the State or Territory you reside in (except for Tasmania and the Northern Territory where it is not required by law).   AJ Grant Building will apply for HOW for building contracts valued at: –

New South Wales & WA:           $20,000
Victoria:                                               $16,000
South Australia & ACT:               $12,000
Queensland:                                      $3,300


You may be required to pay an excess as a part of your insurance contract.  Excess is due and payable prior to works commencing.  AJ Grant Building’s job as the appointed representative of your insurance company is to collect this excess on their behalf.  Your excess can easily be paid online via our website – Pay Your Excess. If you require further assistance, please call AJ Grant Building on 1300 254 726 or email

Once your excess payment, signed Scope of Works and Domestic Building Contract (if required) are returned, we will contact you in 5 to 7 days to discuss your repairs and commence the scheduling of trades to complete the works at your property. 


You have now been assigned an AJ Grant Building Repair Supervisor and Claims Assistant who will manage the repairs to your property, including all trades allocated to your job.


Your repairs are now complete, and we thank you for allowing AJ Grant Building to take care of the repairs to your property.  A Client Liaison Team Member will contact you and arrange a copy of our Customer Sign-Off Form to be completed and returned to AJ Grant Building, so that we can finalise the job file. 

AJ Grant Building Pty Ltd

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