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From AJ Grant Building


Hi! I am Manish.  I will be assessing your property shortly to view the damages, including the preparation of a detailed scope of works outlining the required repairs for your insurance company to review. 

At AJ Grant Building we are a committed and professional team, right across Australia. For when the unexpected happens, we are there, supporting our customers through one-off insurance incidents and entire local communities following catastrophic events.

Favourite Quote

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.”

– Benjamin Franklin

1 Year as an Estimator, 1 Year as a Contracts Administrator & 1 Year as an Assessor

Bachelor in Architecture
Masters in Construction Management
Masters in Project Management

Video Games & Travelling

AJ Grant Building Pty Ltd

NT 246489CU  |  QLD 1164009  |  NSW 131460C  |  ACT 2007200  |  VIC CDB-U 50828 (Domestic) CCB-L 65231 (Commercial) WA BC100480  |  SA BLD276718  | T AS 310215462