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AJ Grant Building Rectification Manager


Hi! I am Jayson, your allocated Rectification Manager.  I will be managing the  insurance rectifications at your property, including all allocated trades.  

At AJ Grant Building we are a team of committed and professional Rectification Supervisors, right across Australia. For when the unexpected happens, we are there, supporting our customers through one-off insurance incidents and entire local communities following catastrophic events.


“We bring together the best talent for each project, to find the right solutions for your needs, no matter how big or small”.

– AJG Australia


30+ years in the Construction Industry

AJ Grant Building Pty Ltd

NT 246489CU  |  QLD 1164009  |  NSW 131460C  |  ACT 2007200  |  VIC CDB-U 50828 (Domestic) CCB-L 65231 (Commercial) WA BC100480  |  SA BLD276718  | T AS 310215462