Safety Alert – Flood Warning


This storm is expected to develop over the Coral Sea bringing with it possible rainfall of over 400mm in some areas. This concentrated system will generate moderate to torrential rainfall over north-western and southern areas of QLD, northern areas of NT, eastern areas of NSW and inland SA, from the 30th of June through to about the 6th of July 2022.

Some inland and coastal areas of QLD, NSW and SA are expected to receive from 10mm to 400mm of rainfall which will undoubtably result in flash flooding.

Based on current data, coastal areas, (specifically Cairns QLD) through to the NSW South Coast are at a higher risk of heavy to more extreme rainfall however warnings have not been released at this stage.

This storm cell is also more than likely going to bring with it damaging winds.

The warning comes despite the Bureau of Meteorology’s announcement of an end to La Niña, a weather event responsible for increased rainfall.


Below is a diagram of the predicted rainfall:

Areas of immediate concern are:

  • North to North-East, NT
  • East coast (Cairns to Coolangatta), QLD
  • Tweed Heads, Lismore, Byron Bay, Northern Rivers, and some parts of Eastern (coastal) NSW
  • Inland and low-lying rivers of SA


Please note whilst there haven’t been any direct evacuation orders, residents in the above noted low lying areas should be on standby and ready to evacuate should the waters rise to unsafe levels:



Warnings per state






  • MAJOR FLOOD WARNING: Thompson and Barcoo Rivers to Isisford and Cooper Creek and surrounding low lying areas
  • MODERATE FLOOD WARNING: Diamantina River at Diamantina Lakes and Monkira and surrounding low lying areas
  • MODERATE FLOOD WARNING: Georgina River (downstream to Marion Downs) and Eyre Creek and surrounding low lying areas


Flood waters from Queensland will more than likely cause river level rises along the Culgoa, Birrie, Bokhara, Rarran Rivers and other border rivers in Northern NSW


New South Wales: 




  • MINOR FLOOD WARNING: Lachlan River and surrounding low lying areas
  • MINOR TO MODERATE FLOOD WARNING: Darling, Culgoa, and Bokhara Rivers and surrounding low lying areas


South Australia:




  • MODERATE TO MAJOR FLOOD WARNING: Inland areas and river regions






  • BLACK ICE ON ROADS WARNING: from an upcoming Antarctic Polar Blast – expect temperatures to exceed subzero -5 degrees Celsius



Please Note: Whilst BOM (and other weather forecasters) are ensuring their predictions are as accurate as possible, the levels of these warnings could and may change at any time. Therefore, if you, your loved ones, or your co-workers are in any of the above-mentioned areas (or surrounds, near these rivers or in the path of these storms) please ensure you monitor these warnings via the below referenced links.

Nevertheless, please ensure you are prepared!

A message to our Internal Trades and External Trades in QLD and NSW:

Please ensure your sites are safe, tarped and locked up with any equipment removed from roofs and wind susceptible areas.

Flood Safety Advice:

Remember: If it’s flooded, forget it. For flood emergency assistance contact the SES on 132 500. For life threatening emergencies, call Triple Zero (000) immediately

If you require rescue, assistance to evacuate or other emergency help, ring NSW SES on 132 500.

Remember these 4 lifesaving rules:

  1. Avoid drowning. Stay out of rising water, seek refuge in the highest available place.
  2. Prevent damage to your vehicle. Move it under cover, away from areas likely to flood.
  3. Avoid being swept away. Stay out of fast-flowing creeks and storm drains.
  4. Never drive, ride or walk-through flood water. Flood water can be deceptive and dangerous.

For more emergency information, advice, and access to the latest river heights and rainfall observations and forecasts:



Please be safe.