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East Coast Low Event

MARCH 2021

We are here to help you.

Your Home & Contents Insurance Claim

Many of our customers in New South Wales and Queensland have been impacted by what has been described as the worst rain event in three decades, leaving properties severely damaged by heavy rain and flooding.

After a natural disaster of this magnitude, it is completely understandable that our customers will have questions about their insurance repair process. We want to assure you that AJ Grant is committed to assisting you throughout the entire process, from emergency make safe (if required), through to the assessment of the damages and repairs to ensure your property is restored as quickly as possible.

An important message to OUR CUSTOMERS

If you are currently not staying at your property, it is extremely important that you do not enter without talking to AJ Grant first. We understand that you may want to return home, however, it may not be safe to do so. Therefore, contact AJ Grant and we will advise if and/or when it is safe to return to your house. Your safety is our priority and we thank you for your understanding. Please continue to visit this page as we will share information and guide you through the stages of your insurance repairs.

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About AJ Grant

The AJ Grant Group has been operating for over 25 years’, we have been providing insurance building and repair services to Australia’s leading insurance companies nationally. With years of experience helping our insurance clients and their customers we’ve seen it all. Whether it’s a small repair, such as a leaking pipe, or a large major loss such as a devastating fire requiring demolition work and a complete rebuild you can be sure we can help. Our experience in the industry has taught us to effectively scale and handle large volumes of claims across large geographic areas employing our national footprint underpinned by robust, consistent technology and operational infrastructure and systems.

If its flooded, forget it

Making Safe Your Property

AJ Grant may be assisting you with a make safe, meaning we have been appointed to make your property safe and not at risk of further damage. We have been assessing the damages and categorised the varying levels of damage and provided you with an overview of the make safe process:


1   |   LEVEL ONE

Single & double storey properties, minor water damage caused by leaking roof or minor tree impact, internal damages to ceiling and contents, power supply possibly interrupted

If your property has been categorised as Level One, the make safe process is likely to involve

ELECTRICIAN to disconnect and isolate power to affected area of the home
RESTORATIONS to install drying equipment and dehumidifiers as required to mitigate further loss
CARPENTER/ROOFER to secure any internal linings or internal item/s deemed hazardous or a safety risk to you and your family
CARPENTER/ROOFER to install a tarp or plastic sheet to prevent further water entry
TREE LOPPING/DEBRIS REMOVAL to remove small to medium size tree branches and ensure site is safe

2   |   LEVEL TWO 

Single and double storey properties, major water damage or flooding, major impact from tree, major internal damage to ceilings and contents, power supply interrupted, property inhabitable.

If your property has been categorised as Level two, the make safe process is likely to involve: –

ELECTRICIAN to disconnect and isolate power to the home and if required set up a temporary power board in preparation for restorations and repairs
RESTORATIONS to install drying equipment and dehumidifiers as required to mitigate further loss, remove water damaged carpet and contents
CARPENTER/ROOFER to secure or remove any internal linings or internal item/s deemed hazardous or a safety risk to you and your family
CARPENTER/ROOFER to install a large tarp to entire roof to prevent further water ingress, temporary roof lining may be required if structural damage exists
TREE LOPPING AND DEBRIS REMOVAL to remove large trees and/or branches, to barricade off where the root ball has left a large hole

What are the next steps?

1 | Is it safe?

If you believe that your property is unsafe, please contact your local office so we can arrange a trade to complete temporary repairs to make the property safe.


2 | Is it livable?

If you are the owner occupier and the property is not habitable, you could be entitled to temporary accommodation depending on the policy type you hold. Please contact your local office so we can discuss your options with you.


3 | You will hear from us shortly

Our friendly bookings team will be in contact with you to arrange a suitable time for one of our experienced Assessors to inspect and report on the damages.





4 | Assessment

 Our Assessor will attend the property to prepare a detailed scope of works which outlines the required repairs and we will submit this to your insurance company along with an assessment report on the cause of damage.


5 | Review

Your Insurance provider will review the scope of works and assessment report and will advise AJ Grant if they are to proceed with the repairs.


6 | Approval

Once the approval has been received, we will issue you a copy of the scope of works and details on how to pay your excess.


7 | Sign and pay your claim excess

Once your signed contracts and excess is received, we will commence with repair

Contact us if you need support today.

Your Home & Contents Insurance Claim

We would like to advise all our customers that due to the significant volume in claims, it is taking a little longer to schedule a time for our assessors to attend site and inspect the damages. We are triaging all claims to determine the most severely damaged homes to ensure the properties and families most impacted are protected. We do appreciate your patience during this extremely difficult time and please be assured AJ Grant will be in contact with you very soon.

As AJ Grant has been allocated your insurance claim, we have provided you with an information sheet on the next steps for your Building and/or Contents claim.