Storm Season Boot Camp for your Home

They say a successful football season starts well ahead of the first whistle being blown many months after the year that had recently passed. No sooner has the laughter and glow diminished from a hugely forgettable mad Monday experience, most professional athletes turn their attention to what they can do ahead of next season that will give them the competitive edge over their rivals, but more so confidence in their own body in order to stand up the rigour of contact sport.


These concepts are not too dissimilar to that of our own properties and the actions and activities we can do before we get into the thick of storm season and the duration and severity of impacts that it may likely face.

Traditionally storm season is at its most damaging over the summer months,  there is a significantly higher likelihood of severe hail storms and floods from December to February (however as each year passes that window seems to be creeping further apart).

In my household the storm season starts when Anthony my rescue Kelpie/Collie starts climbing the walls at all hours while licking the wallpaper.  Last night, in Austinmer NSW, marked the beginning of storm season in the Hill household! Which means for me like many millions of other Australians I now need to consider and review what activities I can do in the immediate future, to not only reduce the risk of highly expensive but equally intrusive damage to my home, but also reduce any possible risks to my family, my belongings and Anthony the “special” kelpie.

However, fear not as there are many simple activities you can either do yourself or through engagement of a specialist to support yourself, your family and your home over these next few months

Like Cameron Smith about to embark on his 88th season in first grade, your house can also be in peak physical shape, here are a few tips for both yourself and your home;

  1. Engage a specialist to carry out a roof inspection, identifying any areas of maintenance or design that may fail or contribute to damage in a severe storm
  2. Cleaning of the gutters and/or installation of gutter guard
  3. Pruning back of trees and bushes that could cause impact damage to your property and surrounds
  4. Pack up and clear all loose items and debris from your surrounding grounds that could become flying UFO’s in severe weather
  5. Have plenty of torches, batteries, candles and dry food goods should an extended period of black out leave you in the dark

If you are motivated to get your home match fit ahead of the summer storm season, contact one of the friendly staff at AJ Grant through the channels below we would be happy to assist you in your fitness goals.

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