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East Coast Floods
February / March
Cyclone Seroja
Kalbarri, WA
Cyclone Seroja
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Storm alert

Western Australia has been declared an Insurance Catastrophe in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Seroje that made landfall on Sunday, 11 April 2021.   The coastal town of Kalbarri took the brunt of the cyclone and is considered “ground zero” for the worst hit regions in the direct path of the CAT 3 system. We are seeing a stream of lodgements coming through in the regions…


I have heard it before, She’ll be right mate as a young carpenter scaled the side of the scaffold because the internal ladder hadn’t been put in. I remember his partner, and 2 young kids  turning up to the job site with the ambulance screaming because her partner had slipped at the top of the scaffold and fallen, breaking his neck and paralysed from the neck down.  

She’ll be right.  She’ll be right mate.

Will she?

Will SHE, your mother be right if you injure yourself or worse by not taking steps to identify issues pre work.

Will SHE, your wife or partner be right, looking after a family and having to support them without you because you never thought YOU could get hurt.

Will SHE, your daughter be right growing up without a Parent because a PWSC slipped your mind, or was just too hard or was a waste of time for such a small job.

Just as SHE will not be alright neither will HE.

I am sure you all have stories of mates, work colleges or acquaintances that have ended up hurt, maimed of even killed by taking short cuts on the job site.

Remember when you go to work you have more than just yourself to worry about. There are many loved ones relying on you to come home each night. 

5 Minutes could be the difference.


If its flooded, forget it

East Coast Low Event – March 2021

Many of our customers, staff and contractors in New South Wales have been impacted by what has been described as the worst rain event in three decades, leaving properties severely damaged by this devastating storm and flooding.