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In construction and home repairs, scaffolding safety is imperative to a safe and productive workplace for all.

Below are the relevant updates to scaffolding regulations and what AJG Australia expects as a minimum regarding scaffold safety.

Management of erected scaffolds, particularly modifications

  • To safeguard its safety and structural integrity, only appropriately licensed scaffolders can erect, alter, repair or dismantle scaffolding with prior approval from the principal contractor and scaffold contractor.
  • The principal contractor must have site rules around the unauthorised modification of scaffold and have regular inspections to identify where unauthorised modifications occur.
  • Scaffolders can assist with preventing unapproved modifications by documenting any work performed or completed by ways of daily handovers including photos and stage by stage handovers of works performed.
  • You MUST notify the principal contractor if unapproved modifications are performed.

Supervision/management of scaffolders and scaffolding work

The Scaffolding Contractor must:

  • Plan work prior to start, have SWMS in place, ensure scaffold complies with legal requirements, trained and licensed workers.

The Principal Contractor must:

  • Obtain copies of design, engineers sign off, SWMS, scaffolders licence, site preparation, induction for scaffolders, exclusion zones.