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East Coast Floods Update

February / March 2022

Australian families and communities are currently facing significant impacts across the eastern seaboard, resulting from a very serious and active flood catastrophe unfolding across QLD and NSW.

The full extent of damage is unknown as some areas and homes are not accessible due to flood waters. The damage, however, to the properties we have seen is severe, leaving customers feeling very vulnerable. The Insurance Council of Australia has declared this an insurance catastrophe which serves to escalate and prioritise the industry’s response to these claims.


An important message to our contractors:
To ensure the safety of our contractors it is important that you take every precaution when attending these job sites. Please refer to this safety alert for guidance and if you have any concerns about the job site, please contact the job supervisor before proceeding with any work.
ICA has declared this an insurance catastrophe
Please view our Safety requirements when working in Flood zones

As ongoing partners of AJ Grant Building, we invite you the opportunity to assist in the rebuild of the flood devastation and to advise if you can mobilise or relocate some of your team to perform Make Safes & Strip Outs, Building Work and Restorations & Sanitisation in Northern NSW or QLD.

To lodge your interest, please visit the following link

For further enquiries, please contact us

Please continue to visit this page as we will ensure to keep you updated on the latest information relating to this event.