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Tropical Cyclone Seroja | WA
April 2021

Cyclone Seroja, WA

Kalbarri, Northampton, Greater Geraldton | April 2021

Western Australia has been declared an Insurance Catastrophe in the wake of Tropical Cyclone Seroje that made landfall on Sunday, 11 April 2021.   The coastal town of Kalbarri took the brunt of the cyclone and is considered “ground zero” for the worst hit regions in the direct path of the CAT 3 system. We are seeing a stream of lodgements coming through in the regions of Kalbarri, Northampton and the greater Geraldton region. Over the coming weeks we expect to see this stream of claims continue at a slow and steady pace as these regions come back on line with power and telecommunications.


An important message to our contractors: 

To ensure the safety of our contractors it is important that you take every precaution when attending these job sites. Please refer to this safety alert for guidance and if you have any concerns about the job site, please contact the job supervisor before proceeding with any work.



Permits Required – ABC News put out an alert that the department of fire and emergency services have advised anyone travelling to the Kalbarri region will require a permit to access the region. These can be obtained from the Northampton Police Station, 258 Hampton Rd, Northampton, WA 6535. 




AJ Grant of 6 cyclone trained building estimators in the region already and already securing additional trade resources to support our existing trade base. If you would be interested in joining our Trade base to assist with this Cyclone recovery, please register your interest below

Please continue to visit this page as we will ensure to keep you updated on the latest information relating to this event.