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To Our New South Wales Contractors
Information update as of 9 September 2021

Important Information regarding Covid-19 Vaccines for Construction Sites

As AJ Grant continues to navigate through this pandemic, whilst also adhering to State Government requirements, balancing customer and client needs, safety requirements and our own business continuity, we have introduced a framework relating to the visibility and knowledge of our contractor COVID-19 vaccination numbers. The main purpose of this request and collection is to prevent and manage COVID-19 in our workplace; local State and Territory Government guidelines; health and safety obligations; as well as allocating work in respect of clients and industries where the COVID-19 vaccine may be mandatory.

New South Wales has already stipulated new guidelines for construction workers and other States are following, therefore, the need to record this information is fast becoming a mandatory requirement for our business.

To help us with this information we require, please select this link and complete the form – AJ Grant COVID-19 Vaccination Records

Please be assured that we will treat all personal information with confidentiality and by providing this, you are consenting to AJ Grant collecting and using your personal and sensitive information. We do not intend to disclose this information to third parties, but rather to make informed, business decisions around work and to satisfy any Federal and State Government guidelines. You can view our Privacy Policy by selecting this link – AJ Grant Group – Privacy Policy

Effective 9 September 2021, if you live in or are temporarily staying in a local government area of concern, you must not enter or remain at a construction site in Greater Sydney unless you have:

  • had 2 doses of a COVID-19 vaccine; or
  • had 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine at least 21 days ago; or
  • had 1 dose of a COVID-19 vaccine within the past 21 days and you have been tested for COVID-19 in the past 72 hours (3 days); or
  • evidence of a medical exemption and you have been tested for COVID-19 in the past 72 hours.

If you are unable to have a COVID-19 vaccine, you can request a COVID-19 vaccination exemption for medical reasons

Please note, you must

  • carry evidence of your vaccination, COVID-19 test, or medical exemption; and
  • carry evidence of your address;
  • produce that evidence to the occupier of a construction site, a police officer or an authorised officer, if requested.

you can obtain your COVID-19 vaccination record through your MyGov account or Medicare online –

You must also be able to provide evidence of your COVID-19 test and medical exemption if granted –

  • evidence of your COVID-19 test can be an SMS text message or email from the testing organisation
  • evidence of your medical exemption must be from a medical practitioner on the form aproved by the NSW Chief Health Officer – select this link for further information about exemptions – NSW Vaccination Exemption for Medical Reasons

Important links to assist with any of the above information:

NSW Vaccination for Authorised Workers
NSW Local Govt Areas of Concern
NSW Vaccination Exemption for Medical Reasons
Australian Government – Immunisation History Statement
Australian Government – COVID-19 – Digital Certificate

Please don’t hesitate to contact your local procurement representative, if you have any questions or require further information.

AJ Grant Building

13 August 2021 Update

The past weeks have been extremely challenging for everyone living in New South Wales and there is no doubt that there will be difficult and uncertain times ahead of you.  We hope you and your family & friends continue to keep safe and well.

AJ Grant Building continues to stay abreast of the situation, we are in constant contact with the Insurance Council of Australia (‘ICA’) to gain clarity on the current situation and will continue to keep you updated as new information comes to hand. To ensure we follow all guidelines in place and continue to keep everyone safe, it is important you abide by the following: –

1. Construction sites in Greater Sydney, where no resident lives  

Construction sites that are permitted to operate in Greater Sydney need to work out which of these options will mean the lesser number of workers on site: 

• 1 person per 4 square metres at the site, or 
• 50% of your maximum daily workforce. 

The maximum daily workforce count must come from the current resourcing plan for the site.  

2. Construction sites in regional and rural NSW 

Construction sites that are permitted to operate in regional and rural NSW (including areas of regional and rural NSW affected stay at home orders) need to work out which of these options will mean the greater number of workers on site: 

• 1 person per 4 square metres at the site, or  
• A maximum of 25 workers at the site at any one time. 

3. Construction workers who live in a local government area of concern 

If you or any of your employees live in a local government area (LGA) of concern, you must follow the construction vaccination and test requirements

You and your employees must have one of these 4 options before you can return to work:  

• 2 doses of a vaccine, or  
• 1 dose of a vaccine 21 days before going back to work, or 
• 1 dose of a vaccine and, if less than 21 days since you’ve been vaccinated, a negative COVID-19 test in the previous 3 days, or  
• An exemption from a medical practitioner, approved by NSW’s Chief Health Officer, certifying a medical reason why you cannot receive a vaccination. If you have an exemption, you must also have a COVID-19 test every 3 days before you can return to work.

​You and your employees must carry proof when you are on a construction site and must provide it on request to your client, a police officer or authorised officer.  

Required evidence is: • Proof of address, and one of the below that is relevant to you 
• Vaccination results: 
• Negative test results via SMS text message on your phone or an email addressed to you, or 
• Medical certificate showing your exemption.

COVID Safe Site Form

We have introduced a new COVID Safe Site form to be completed by all AJ Grant contractors completing works in Greater Sydney and the Central Coast.  

The form can be accessed as follows: –

  • We will share the link with you on every purchase order you receive from us, available in the email you receive once you accept the purchase order.  
  • We have included a link in the notification section in BuildPRO and RestoPRO

Please ensure you take the time to complete this form, which should take you no more than 5-minutes.

COVID Safe Site

All AJ Grant job sites will operate under the COVID Safety plan for the prevention and management of COVID-19. The Plan outlines the actions required and by who for different scenario’s, such as the wellbeing of our people, physical distancing, hygiene and cleaning etc. All of our staff are well versed in our COVID Safe Plan and understand the role they play to ensure the assessments and repairs we carry out are done so in a safe manner.

A copy of our COVID-19 Safety Plan must be carried with you at all times and be easily accessible whilst on site.

Site Safety Signs

A COVID Safety Site Sign has also be created, outlining the strict guidelines in place for all workers and visitors to our job sites. Please read through these as these apply to you and your workers, including: –

  • You or your workers will not attend site if anyone is displaying flu type symptoms or has a fever greater than 37.3o
  • Stay at home when directed and follow the strict quarantine and self-isolation guidelines
  • Always maintain 1.5 metres physical distancing whilst on site, including meal breaks
  • Restrict the number of workers and visitors on site to a maximum of 5 people on external job sites and 2 people on internal job sites. 
  • Ensure the required PPE is work at all times – *face masks are mandatory*

A copy of our COVID-19 Safety Sign, including site safety signs relevant to ‘how to handwash’, ‘cough etiquette’, ‘keeping your distance’, ‘be covidsafe’ and ‘simple steps to stop the spead of COVID’ must be carried with you at all times and displayed on the job site.



Please ensure you have the appropriate site-specific SWMS relevant to COVID-19 with you at each job site. These SWMS must address any potential COVID-19 risks and what control measures you have in place.

What to do if you or your workers are displaying symptoms of COVID-19

If you or your workers are displaying symptoms of COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone who has or is displaying symptoms, you mustnotify AJ Grant immediately by completing this form –  Registration for Covid 19 Symptoms

This information will be sent to our WHS department and recorded on our database so we can effectively manage & reduce exposure within our communities.

**PLEASE remember that you are NOT to work on any AJ Grant worksite for a minimum of 14 days, medically cleared and authorised to do so by our WHS Manager. Ensure you also follow the strict quarantine and self-isolation guidelines in place**

Important Contact Details

We understand that you may have questions and/or concerns, please contact –

By Phone Kylie Carpenter on 1300 254 726
By Email If you prefer to contact us by email