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To Our Queensland Contractors
Information update as of 3 August 2021

We’d like to take the opportunity to provide some clarity around what the recent COVID lockdown announcement means for your business and the services provided to AJ Grant Building and its customers.

As you will have heard by now an announcement released by our QLD State Government has confirmed that lockdown has been extended to, 4pm on Sunday 8th August 2021, for Brisbane and 10 other local government areas including:

City of Brisbane
Logan City
Moreton Bay Regional Council
Noosa Shire Council
City of Gold Coast
Redland City
City of Ipswich
Scenic Rim Regional Council
Lockyer Valley Regional Council
Somerset Regional Council
Sunshine Coast Regional Council

We continue to operate as an essential service for those areas in lockdown, for make safe works and critical repairs, and repairs that are considered required to advance habitation, with other non-essential services on pause.

Where construction is on a site that is or includes a home residence or workplace, essential construction can continue; however,interactions between workers and residents, staff or visitors to the workplace should be kept to a minimum.

To provide some clarity on what is and isn’t deemed an essential service or repair please refer to some of the below examples, but not limited to:



  • Any repair required to a property to make it habitable or emergency repairs to mitigate further damages/loss:
    • Burst Flexi Hose and extensive damage mitigation
    • Kitchen repairs/installations for the purposes of cooking facilities
    • Bathroom repairs and the finalisation of such for sanitation
    • Roofing replacement or repair
    • Scaffolding and safety to facilitate the above
    • Electrical repairs or maintenance
    • Security and lockable housing
    • BUT not limited to the above


  • Replacement of internal doors (non-security)
  • Kitchen draw sticking
  • Replacing of roller tracks
  • Painting of walls or ceilings that are singular and not progressing essential works or habitation.

N.B. If there are painting and plastering works required due to a connection with completion of insurance repair/loss to enable further works, then this is deemed essential construction.

Please ensure that you’re exercising common sense when assessing whether you should enter a property or premises. If the customer is uncomfortable with you being there, we ask you respect their wishes and make arrangements for reattendance at another suitable time. 

Your wellbeing is also important to us at AJ Grant and therefore, if you feel uncomfortable entering a property or premises then we ask you to politely suggest another appointment time on another date or contact our office to facilitate another trade.

Please ensure that you and your staff are compliant at all times and are wearing your facemask when you are outside or inside the home, social distancing and sanitising when and where you can.

Please note – As part of accepting your PO you are required to advise AJ Grant immediately if you or any of your workers have tested positive to COVID-19 or been in contact with anyone who has tested positive, in relation to a close contact.

You must complete the COVID Registration Form by selecting this link and completing the form.  This information will be sent to our WHS department and recorded on the database so we can effectively manage and reduce exposure within the community and industry.  



Should you have any questions regarding any of the above or are still uncertain about what is or isn’t deemed an essential service or repairs, please ensure you contact the undersigned.

Philip Bell – 0437 254 726
Nada Rizk – 0499 072 515

Please ensure that you are complying with the above and most importantly using common sense when it comes to mitigating exposure. QLD health have NOT placed a moratorium on construction works, and we are all required to continue to do what we can for the community in ensuring we are there for habitable and emergency repair works.