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New Make
Safe Report

AJ Grant has introduced a Make Safe Report, to be completed from site by our contractors for all make safes carried out (both business hours and after hours make safes).

Why, you may ask?

As the first responder, we rely on the information you share with us to include in the comprehensive report we are required to generate for our clients, including: –

» Type and cause of damage;
» Works completed to secure the property / area;
» Materials used;

Our team also review the report and photographs to ascertain if any additional action is required to fast track the process to ensure there are no further hazards and/or mitigate further damage. Therefore, it is essential that the information you provide is clear with good quality photographs also uploaded.

Completing the make safe report

An on-line form has been created, accessible via a link included in the email sent once you have accepted the purchase order –

PLEASE NOTE: If this PO is a make safe can you please complete the online form while on-site using this link.

This will enable us to process your payment.
Simply select the link whilst on-site and answer the questions relating to: –

At the end of each section (4 in total), select the NEXT button to progress to the next page.

Once you have uploaded the photographs, you can REVIEW the report before sending, otherwise select SUBMIT and the report will be sent to the local make safe team.

Helpful Tips

» A ‘sample report’ has been provided, please take the time to review and gauge the level of information we require to meet the expectations of our clients.

» For quick access to the make safe report, you can save the link to your chosen platform (phone or iPad). You can find the ‘how to’ instructions on-line appropriate to the type of device you have. If you have an iPhone or iPad, click here.